Jason L'Abbé

Craftsmanship with a sense of style

We ponder. We are inspired. We create. We amaze. 

My fascination with clay and hand crafted pottery started over 40 years ago.That I can use my hands to shape the soft, malleable clay into many forms continues to amaze me. I use porcelain and stoneware clays, and experiment with various glazing techniques. The glaze materials I use and the firing methods develop their own colors and patterns and are excitingly unpredictable. I am continually experimenting with new forms and glazes, so keep checking to see what is new. L'Abbé Pottery showroom carry unique design pieces including large bowls, plates, jars, teapots and vases. I also make hand made dinner ware on special order. My pottery is used for home accents, functional use, corporate gifts, cremation urns, and more. Visit our showroom to view the selection of pottery available.